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Polo Video & Photography 

Equine Event Video & Photography

“A horse is like a violin; first it must be tuned, and when tuned it must be accurately played.” 

Welcome to PoloZoneNZ

After a decade of photographing the polo I am now filming & streaming your games at all levels, not just the big tournaments. I can also cover other equine events by invitation. 

Video is a powerful tool that lets you to do so much more.

Self evaluation, Virtual coaching & entertainment. See your horses in action, Show them performing to potential buyers, Personal archive via download,  Promotion , Visually engaging posts and reels, Sharing your games moments & achievements with friends  and family anywhere in the world in beautiful HD. 

Watching from out of town.

 Checkout our spectators only offer.

Great for friends and family from overseas or just out of town..

We are committed to bringing you same day streaming of your games plus your pro photo galleries of games and sideline images from our photographers, Clint & Jo. ​ Saddle Up! grab your pass for unlimited free streaming on channels or just rent to view videos on demand. Sit back and enjoy. Save on game coverage bookings and downloads with your premium pass. Apply EARLYBIRD23 at checkout for $10 off before December.  It's going to be the best season in years.

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