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Disclaimer will make every effort to film and stream as many games as possible during the Auckland polo season.

However we can not guarantee any coverage and streaming of games due to factors beyond our control. 

About Us

Many of you will know me as Clint.

I'm an award winning photographer based in Clevedon Auckland and I have been a passionate follower of this exciting sport for over a decade..

Over that time many members of the polo community have asked me if I could film games?

Thanks to the support of the Hololio Polo Club that is now possible.

Grass roots polo coverage of the game you know and love.

I'm a small business

providing this service and I do all filming and photography, editing, processing, website design and maintenance so please excuse any typo's here or even better let me know. Cheers! 

My personal journey into photography

came after a severe bout of industrial dermatitis prevented me from working and severely limited my opportunities for employment. You would be surprised what you cant do with your hands when they are plastered in cream and you're wearing cotton gloves. It lasted for several years because it turned out the creams I was prescribed I was also allergic too making things worse, Great! Anyway that's enough violins.

Photography had always been my creative outlet so I took more lessons and did a diploma then decided to stick with it as a career.

Today and with careful management my condition is pretty much under control with only the occasional flare ups.

My work around the polo focuses

mainly on covering the polo played at the Auckland Polo Club and Hololio Polo Club grounds in Clevedon but I can be booked for coverage at other locations and I'm also open to invitations for equine event coverage.

I look forward to meeting

you again on the sidelines this season and thank you for all the kind words of support for video coverage in person and from around the world from expat Kiwis and others.


 to the grooms who are such a big part of the polo doing awesome work with the horses. 

Special Thanks 

go to Nick Jones (Hololio Polo) who supplied all of the video equipment to make video coverage possible.. Truly generous gesture from another passionate member and supporter of our polo community..  


I am committed to bringing you same day streaming of your games plus your pro photo galleries of game and sideline images from myself & introducing Jo this season. ​​​

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