Chukka Club


Free 2 chukka coverage for the 1st four members joining before Dec 10th. 4 Available Now

Self evaluation, Virtual coaching, Horse evaluation

This is a trial service for those wanting targeted video footage of your play at club chukkas. 

Joining the Chukka Club

You will also get free access to stream games in the 0-6 goal channel (Value $45)when joining before Dec 20th

Chukka Club how it works?

Chukka club membership is mainly for your privacy. Your footage is only viewable by you and other CC  members / team mates.

I only take one booking online per day for coverage but will accept other bookings direct while on location.

The first booking ensures I’m available and onsite and will photograph when I'm not filming. Once I am there I will stay onsite weather permitting.

Because of Hololio's support they will have first option on booked coverage on certain days.

I only film one person per chukka as it is targeted footage focusing on your ride only.

Cost is $25 per chukka with a minimum 2 chukka booking.

Booking form and Membership form at the bottom of the page.

I can not film in the rain!

Footage will only be uploaded after you have joined as a member..

If you have paid on location (cash) you can view your session in Channel one. Other members can also view and comments are enabled for coaching advice. 

If you haven’t paid on location you can purchase your session in channel two but you still need to be a member. Other members can not view your footage.

If you have asked me to film you, purchase is expected, don’t spoil it for others by not purchasing your footage.

When you have downloaded your footage (Download via PC Laptop only) let me know and I will remove it. Use the chat button is quickest.

Videos will expire and be removed after a grace period.

To start there will be one chukka club location available for coverage at Hololio but I may consider other locations at Ryburn and Fisher depending on demand.

Reviewing footage can help you see what parts of your game you need to work on, evaluate a new horse or invite your coach to join for expert virtual coaching advice.