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60 Otau Mountain Road, Clevedon, Auckland

H House.webp

Hololio House

Beautifully restored historic homestead for vacation rental

Overlooks the Hololio Polo Fields

Sponsors, Contributors, Supporters 

Thank you to Nick Jones and family at the Hololio Polo Club for the supply of equipment and ongoing support required to get us set up to bring you NZ's 1st and only Polo Video Streaming Website.

If you would like to support and contribute in some way please get in touch 

Thank You To


Nick Jones and The Hololio Polo Club Clevedon.

Supplied Professional Video, Audio equipment and accessories plus ongoing support. 

Clint.  Polo Photographer and Camera Man

Set up website and put in 14 hr days to film, process and stream your games.

Thank You 

We are very grateful to those members who showed there support last season but we still have a long way to go to make it sustainable in our relatively small NZ Polo Community.

Any additional support is greatly appreciated so we can continue bringing your games to the screen next season.   


Ongoing costs include.

Website maintenance, Hosting costs, Equipment upgrades and servicing. Travel costs, and time. 

Improvements, Upgrades, Wish List, Possibilities.

Live Streaming Tournaments.

We can live stream now we just need total support from NZ's small polo community to do so.   

Audio improvements for commentary.

We are looking into connecting directly into commentary outputs. Club consultation required. 



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Nick Jones

Initial Sponsor

Hololio Polo Club

Thanks to our sponsor Nick Jones and his passion for the game we have been able to set up and start bringing you HD video coverage of Polo played at Hololio Polo Club and the Auckland Polo Club grounds in Clevedon.

Nick Jones

The Hololio Polo Club was established in 1981 by Nick Jones, then a 6 goal international professional polo player Nick has even coached stars Sylvester Stallone and Jane Seymore

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Hololio Polo Club

Welcome to Hololio

200 acres of farmland, five kilometres of river, seven kilometres of trails, three polo fields, five historic buildings, thousands of exotic trees, native wetland restoration: 1400 hundred sheep, 25 horses.  A place to stay and play, relax or recreate, ride or walk.